Legal matters and planning for the future can be annoying, confusing, and intimidating for people.  At the Law Offices of Naomi T. Stal, we provide practical, efficient, and creative solutions to address clients’ needs.

Our role at the Law Offices of Naomi T. Stal is to use our systematic process to help you get organized and devote the necessary time to planning or probate without feeling avoidant, overwhelmed, or out of control.  We take care of the details which allows you to focus on the people part of the equation.  We help clients break down issues into simple digestible principles so you can make the best choices for your particular needs.

At the Law Offices of Naomi T. Stal we strive to develop a relationship with our clients which extends well beyond the particular legal matter at hand.  Our flexibility and accommodation to your schedule and meeting location minimizes the stress you experience in this process.  This is reflective of our overall company culture; excellence without pretension.

The Law Offices of Naomi T. Stal is a niche estate planning law firm that specializes in “future planning” services for people with assets and loved ones.  Our mission is to help ease your fear of the unknown as we create an exhaustive estate plan focused on our goal.



Assets & Increase

Family Harmony

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Create an

Organized Road

Map for Navigating

your Future

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Clean up & Plan

for Personal

Digital Assets

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This enables our clients to experience deep peace of mind, closer familial ties, and security when thinking of the future.

We live by hard work, honesty, kindness, efficiency, attentiveness, and trustworthiness.  We are always professional, always enterprising, always supportive, and always your protector. Our philosophy is to treat you the way we would want to be treated.


At the Law Offices of Naomi T. Stal we have a vision to educate, empower, and provide hard working people with our services because our services are unique, holistic, and comprehensive beyond dollars and numbers.  We want to be a service to the community which includes educating people about the misconceptions of estate planning in retirement years, teaching people with small children the importance of an organized estate plan, educating people on the vital importance of addressing online assets, volunteering a minimum of 10% of our time, and donating a minimum of 10% of our earnings.

Naomi T. Stal, Esq.

Until March 16, 2017, I considered  myself too young for an estate plan.  I knew an estate plan was important, but I also knew that estate plans are for people with lots of assets, some grandchildren, and definitely close to retirement!  I thought, ‘I am barely forty, I have a 2 year old, and I have 20 more years of hard work and accumulating assets.  I don’t have much worth protecting! ‘ 

Or so I thought…

On a random Thursday night in March, I was unloading a sleeping baby and groceries when a uniformed police officer appeared at my door. 

“Can I help you Officer?”, I asked.  He was looking for me. 

“I have to speak with you in private.  May I come in?” 

“No you may not, whatever you have to say can be said here on the porch.” I coyly replied.

“Your husband’s body was spotted this afternoon in the ocean.  He was brought to shore, and after an E.M.T worked on his body for several minutes, they were able to bring back a pulse.  He was taken to Community Memorial Hospital.  He is in I.C.U.” In that moment my life changed forever.


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“Naomi  was a professional and valuable resource for my legal needs. She went above and beyond my requests and anticipated my future needs by laying out the framework for future potential legal concerns. I highly recommend her as a trusted and knowledgeable legal expert.”

– Michael M. Mendocino