Random Fact: I was a family law attorney!  Why would anyone change areas of law mid career? Well, I am happily married and have a small child.  I think I’ve said enough.  But what you DON’T know about me is that I became a divorce lawyer because mediation (my true passion) did not pay the bills. I have been a trained mediator since my first year in college; before mediation was “a thing”.  Hard to believe that was more than 20 years ago!  

Mediation instilled a unique and incredible skill set; relational thinking.  I see people in terms of their relationships to others, to their things, and to themselves.  This relational approach to estate planning gives me the ability to help minimize inheritance conflict & other forms of conflict.

Many of the conflicts in families are themselves inherited. Relationships between step children, relationships between children and spouses that have different mothers or fathers, relationships between competing siblings; just to name a few.  While these are difficult to address or even acknowledge, doing so in the safe environment of our offices can help establish creative solutions, thereby, to a large degree, become preventable. By carefully and thoughtfully planning your estate, you can protect your most important legacy; your LOVED ONES!


Since my days at a tech startup/financial brokerage firm in Beverly Hills, I have become ingrained with the belief technology as a new basic human need. The start up attitude of “let’s handle it now”, wearing many hats, and constantly scanning the horizon for disaster avoidance trained me well. Business to pass on?  Let’s make sure that shareholder agreement is accurate! And while we are talking about the horizon…

It’s hard to believe that two decades into a new century and digital and online assets are still overlooked.  Educating you about DIGITAL ASSET PLANNING is crucial to your estate plan.  With A.I. (artificial intelligence) quickly becoming a reality, digital estate planning will need to be amended more than once a decade.  This requires an estate planning attorney that not only understands how to create a digital asset plan, but also understands, and follows, what new technology is on the horizon and how to address it, administer it, and plan it. Of course, using software, SaaS, Apps, and other time saving tools for your estate plan is part of our job. 

I am extremely dedicated to my clients.  My job is to protect you, hold your confidences, and execute your wishes and desires.  Since opening my practice, I have had the opportunity to work with estate planning clients coming from different professions, financial situations, and religions.  I am grateful to every one of my clients for entrusting me with their life planning. No matter what kind of legal matter I am handling, as I teach my clients, I learn from them, their lives, and their challenges.

I am  younger than most estate planning attorneys so I intend to outlive you and continue to provide services to you for many decades into the future.  I will grow with your family and be there to make adjustments as you build your empire, grow your family, and create your legacy.

I am your counselor at law.  It’s my job to care about you, your legacy, and planning for ALL of your assets, price tag or otherwise.