We have family law, estate planning, and technology experience necessary for a 21st century estate plan.  At the Law Offices of Naomi T. Stal we are holistic planner and administrators.  Our unique skills set makes us equally successful in dealing with numbers, family drama, technology, and reading a crystal ball. 

Suppose you need an estate plan and you have a second wife and children from a first wife and everyone doesn’t get along.  Do you think an estate planner that minimizes this highly contested family fact pattern will help protect your legacy?  Do you know the statistics on will or trust contests/litigation in this scenario?


At the Law Offices of Naomi T. Stal, a primary service to clients is to get you value for what you pay for.  No matter what hiccups arise during planning or administration, and no matter what fee arrangement applies (fixed fee or hourly), helping you understand the cost of a particular course of action is critical to our role as your advocate.


Our number one priority is to assist clients to make their lives easier. We manage our costs to remain competitively priced but fully accessible to answer questions or listen to concerns, idea, or issues that arise during the process. We have a clear road map for a complete wealth and legacy planning experience that we explain to you all along the way. It includes consulting with you and learning about you, your needs, your concerns, and your family; planning and designing your estate plan, developing your plan and revising according to your review, executing and delivery a completed estate plan, transferring assets and funding the plan, and finally, continuing to stay in communication with you as updates or new information arises.

At The Law Offices of Naomi T. Stal, our goal is to support you, guide you, and lead you to a happier, healthier future. We will be completely truthful and candid in our private and privileged consultations with you so that you will know where you stand and what to expect. And we have a great passion for what we do. For us, understanding all aspects of your life and coming up with a proposed set of solutions tailored to your specific scenario is more than a job; it’s an opportunity for us to act as a true “counselor” in law.