The cost depends on your specific needs, family circumstances, and assets. However, we charge a flat fee for our services because a fixed payment does not have any surprises with it. We provide clear information on what your services include and what is excluded.

Please call our office if you are interested in the cost of an estate plan for your specific situation.  The price is based on a variety of factors which we will discuss with you.  The good news: we charge a flat fee/rate for estate plans.  This means that we have one amount we charge you that will not fluctuate or change regardless of the number of hours or time we spend with you and your case.

The fee that we quote you includes the flat fee cost for our six step legacy planning, all your estate documents, the set up cost and first year cost for the digital fiduciary, if applicable, the cost for funding/transferring one real estate property into the trust, one encrypted memory stick, and the travel costs for the notary, if applicable.  For a complete list of all possible estate planning documents you might need, please click here.

We do not pay the notary fee.  This is generally 8-14$/per page or per signature.
We do not pay any filing fees to transfer your real estate into the name of the trust.
Preparation of assignments to transfer property into the trust, deeds, and other documents will be quoted separately, with fees depending upon the degree of title work or other issues which apply.

Any subsequent deeds are $150 per deed. (This fee does not apply to letters of instruction to provide information on transfer of bank accounts, publicly traded stock, or other transfers not requiring a separate form or document.)

Any subsequent work to facilitate transfer of property into the trust is billed at the applicable hourly rate.   Your plan does not include an amendment or restatement.  It does not include your annual fee for the assigned digital fiduciary.

Generally I do not provide a free initial consultation. I spend a lot of time being available for my clients for any and all questions they could possibly have while I’m working on their plan.

For paying clients, I provide

  1. Consultation and a roadmap for what to expect,
  2. Plan designs,
  3. Plan development,
  4. Execution and delivery,
  5. Asset transfer and funding, and support, and
  6. A lifetime of communications.

During the process, I give clients as much time as they need to work through each step.
I even drive to locations, such as your home in LA or Ventura County at no extra charge, for the initial consultation and execution and delivery if that’s what clients want.
Therefore, my general policy is not to provide a free initial consultation because it discourages price shoppers, bargain hunters, and non-committed people from meeting with me, thereby allowing me to devote 100% of my focus to my clients’ and their needs.
HOWEVER, there are three ways to get a FREE CONSULTATION.

I. You can get a free, one hour consultation if you do the following things after booking an appointment to meet:

  1.  Put a credit card on file and authorize the charge of $300 to hold your appointment for you (if you cancel within 72 hours, you agree your card will be charged) (if you have rescheduled more than once, you agree your card will be charged) (more on this in our fee agreement)
  2. Fill out the pre-consultation questionnaire provided to you in your email and send it back to our office 24 hours prior to your appointment;

II. You can get a free consultation if you are referred to us by another attorney and you provide their name so we can thank them.

III. You can get a free consultation if you do not do any of the above, but if you retain the firm, the amount is credited toward your flat fee amount and your flat fee is then reduced by $300.00 so it becomes a free consultation if you retain us.

In our consultation, we review our system for legacy planning.  This includes clear instructions and timelines for significant milestones.

We will update you as we reach a milestone.  In addition, you are always welcome to call the office or send an email.

I’m a sole practitioner which means as a client of The Firm, I will be taking care of you and I will not be handing your legal work off to anybody else. Although our pricing is competitive for the Los Angeles County and Ventura County legal market, I am not a low-cost provider.

We believe our price is the best possible value for our unique offerings which includes a bleeding edge, comprehensive solution for organizing, protecting, and administering all digital assets when most attorneys charging a similar fee do not even understand the far reaching implications of ignoring this component.

We also address and contemplate other estate planning issues that we consider to resolve relational and emotional preventative problems that assists in smoother transitions.  We believe we offer exceptional value for the fees charged.

Generally, we require that half of the payment be made when you decide to hire us and sign our fee agreement.  The next 25% is due when we receive approval of the final draft of the documents.  The final 25% is due at the signing ceremony.

We believe in the importance of estate planning. With that said, we will gladly work with anyone on setting up a payment plan for the cost of your estate plan if you currently are under financial hardship. Please contact us if you have any questions.

You will receive a 5% discount for paying your flat rate for services 100% up front.
On a $2,000 estate plan, that’s a $100 dollar savings!

In certain instances, while we are working on your estate plan, we may discover or unearth issues in your documents, deeds, business agreement, etc.  In those instances, if we can fix it easily or quickly, we will do so at no charge upon your written, advance approval.

However, in many instances, the fix may require additional services.  For example, if you are trying to put your Shares of a corporation in the trust and you discover that the shareholders agreement you signed has a mistake and requires a ratification with all the board members, we may charge you hourly to amend and arrange for the ratification and modification and negotiation of the new shareholder agreement.

To summarize, amendments to business agreements or analysis of other business or real estate or financial issues are subject to additional fees either in the form of legal hourly rates or referring you to another professional, such as an accountant, whose rate you will need to pay. But don’t worry, we will never perform hourly work without first sharing our discoveries and then getting your advanced, written permission under a separate, additional fee agreement.

We charge an hourly rate for all trust and probate or estate administrations.
If you think you need administration related to probate or a trust,
please call our office or send an email to see if we can help and provide you an estimate of cost based on our hourly rate.