Digital Executor ServicesWhat are digital executor services? When creating an estate plan, everyone has a person or an institution to act as an executor and administrator of their estate, regardless of whether you have a Will, Trust or nothing whatsoever.  The executor, trustee, or personal representative will be in charge of collecting the estate’s assets, creating an inventory of the assets, paying any debts of the estate, and distributing the assets to beneficiaries.

How To Choose Digital Executor Services

Currently, most executors, trustees, or personal representatives will not have the technical sophistication to access, collect, inventory, or distribute digital assets.  Due to the large number of digital assets most people have and the complexity involved in accessing each asset, the Law Offices of Naomi T. Stal acts as an impartial digital fiduciary in the best interest of the Trustees, Executors, estate administrators, personal representatives, or fiduciaries who play a critical role in the administration of a person’s digital things and digital property when they die. We provide unbiased digital executor services for a reduced, reasonable hourly rate during estate settlement and trust administration.  We have a dedicated, experienced digital trust professional who partners with attorneys and fiduciaries for comprehensive and customized access, collection, inventory, and distribution solutions based on decedent’s requests or if intestate, based on the law. We are committed to building a relationship with our partners as a trusted digital advisor.  If you are having a problem locating or accessing a client or loved one’s digital assets, we can help.Call us to find out what we can do for you.

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