Estate Planning is the process we embark on together which results in a product, an Estate Plan, which is a detailed, organized, thoughtful plan for your things, your money, your loved ones, your future self, your stuff in the cloud, and your legacy both in the present and in the future.  Read More


Legacy planning is planning for what you want the future to know about you beyond distribution of assets. It’s really the pearls and treasures of yourself you leave behind. Life Planning is planning for real transitions and real scenarios in your future to avoid chaos and uncertainty.  Read More


As of 2018, the law on gaining access to someone else’s digital assets has been revised.  Most people don’t even know what a “digital asset” is and I would safely bet that almost no one realizes that there was a law and that it changed!  If you are alive and using your fingers in 2018, you have digital assets.  You WILL need to deal with them.  A Digital Asset is  Read More


Estate Mediation is a process whereby a third party neutral (someone not involved personally in your dispute) sits with all parties, and their attorneys to help parties transform their inheritance related conflicts into solutions in the form of a workable agreement for everyone involved thereby avoiding further costs, fees, and stress and allowing parties to grieve and heal from the loss of a loved one.  Read More


Losing a loved one is deeply sad and emotionally painful experience.  In addition to grieving a loss, those left behind have to figure out how to distribute the decedent’s property to their loved one (beneficiaries). If a person dies without a Trust, before anyone can get their formal distributions, the court steps in and has a process that must be wrapped up first.  This process is called Probate.  Read More


If a person dies with a valid trust in place and they have put their assets in their trust during their lifetime, then the administration of the trust is not ruled strictly by the court.  This makes it much easier, more cost effective, and timelier for administering the estate after losing a loved one. Read More


Are you looking to settle a trust or probate estate after the death of a loved one or a client? Does that estate pay bills online, have emails, online accounts, or other digital assets?  Read More